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Document Packages

Our consultants have over 35 years experience working in the care sector in both Residential and Domiciliary care services. We are also very familiar with the differences between types of services and with that in mind we have created a range of document packages that focus on the different types of services. 


All documents can be purchased as packages or as individual documents. In addition we can offer bespoke documents designed specifically for your service. Our document packages have been designed with compliance in mind to support you to meet the necessary regulations.  


We understand the demands on Care Staff and Registered Managers and our documents are designed to be effective and efficient to ensure that they meet the needs of your service and ensure effective record keeping.  

We provide documentation for the following service types:

  • Domiciliary Care 

  • Residential Care

  • Supported Living

Full Set of Care Documents Package 

Save over £450!!!

Our full set of documents has everything you need to start you on your journey to effective record keeping and working towards being complaint. This complete package contains over 120 documents to support you with everything from recruiting your team to ensuring you are meeting the Health and Social Care Act Regulations. 

 Documents listed below are an example of what is included in each package. Please note documents contents various depending on service type.

Documents Package - Full Set of Documents

Care Documents

  • ABC Behaviour Chart

  • About My Life

  • Advance Care Plan

  • Bed Rail Use Assessment

  • Body Map

  • Bowel Record Chart

  • Care Plan and Risk Assessment

  • Communication Profile

  • Consent to Care and Treatment

  • Daily Record Sheet

  • Eating and Drinking Checklist

  • End of Life Plan – Celebrating My Life

  • Falls Record Chart

  • Family Contact Record

  • Fluid Intake Chart

  • Food and Drink Profile

  • Food Chart

  • Health Action Plan

  • Incident Report Form

  • Initial Assessment

  • Mental Capacity and DOLS          Assessment

  • Mental Capacity Assessment –    Decision Record

  • Mouth Care Assessment

  • Moving and Handling Plan

  • One Page Profile

  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

  • Personal Emergency Evacuation  Plan Guidance

  • Repositioning Chart

  • Safeguarding Report Form

  • Social Inclusion Assessment 

  • STEADY Falls Risk Assessment

  • Waterlow Pressure Area Assessment


Care Management Documents


  • Accident/Incident Management    Action Form

  • Business Continuity Plan Template

  • Client Comment Cards

  • Complaints Feedback Form

  • Complaints Management Action  Form

  • Complaints Register

  • Compliments Register

  • Continuous Improvement Plan    Template

  • CQC Notifications Register

  • Duty of Candour Checklist

  • GDPR - Data Security Incident      Outcome Report 

  • Incidents Log

  • Lasting Power of Attorney Record Form

  • Lessons Learned Management    Action Form

  • Lessons Learned Register

  • Risk Register Template

  • Safeguarding Incident Management      Action Form

  • Safeguarding Register

  • Suggestions Register

  • Use of Client Photographs Consent Form

  • Whistle Blowing Management      Action Form

  • Whistle Blowing Register

Health and Safety Documents

  • Accident Report Form

  • Bed Rail Competency Assessment

  • Bed Rail Competency Assessments List

  • Bed Rail Daily Inspection

  • Bed Rail Inspection Checklist

  • COSHH Register

  • COSHH Risk Assessment

  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE)  Assessment

  • Fridge Temperature Record

  • Hazard Report Form

  • Hoist Inspection Record

  • Hoist Competency Assessment

  • Hoist Competency Assessments List

  • Hoist Sling Inspection

  • Hoist Use Checklist

  • Refrigerator Temperature Record

  • Risk Assessment Form


Medication Documents


  • Emollient Risk Assessment 

  • Medication Administration Consent Form

  • Medication Administration Staff    Signature List

  • Medication Balance Record Sheet 

  • Medication Competency Assessment

  • Medication Competency              Assessment List

  • Medication Homely Remedies      Record and Balance Sheet

  • Medication Incident Management Action Form

  • Medication Incident Register

  • Medication Incident Report Form

  • Medication MAR Chart Gap Report

  • Medication Profile

  • Medication Returns Record 

  • Medication Self Administration    Assessment Form

  • Medication Self Administration    Consent Form

  • PRN Medication Profile

  • Thickener Administration Record

  • Topical Medication Body Map

  • Transdermal Patch Body Map


Quality Audit Documents


  • Care Planning Audit

  • Complaints Audit

  • Daily Log Notes Audit

  • Dignity Audit

  • Employee Record Audit

  • Falls Audit

  • Health and Safety – Clients Homes Audit

  • Incidents Audit

  • Infection Control Audit

  • MAR Chart Audit

  • Medication Arrangements Audit

  • Medication – Clients Homes Audit

  • Office Audit

  • Safeguarding Governance Audit

  • Staff Supervision Audit


Quality Assurance Questionnaires


  • Client Questionnaire

  • Family and Friends Questionnaire

  • Staff Questionnaire

  • Stakeholder Questionnaire

Staff Management Documents

  • Appraisal Form

  • Appraisal Record Spreadsheet

  • Criminal Record Annual Self          Declaration

  • DBS Risk Assessment

  • Driving Licence and Vehicle Check Form

  • Employee Emergency Contact      Details

  • Fit and Proper Person – Director  Declaration

  • Induction Feedback Questionnaire

  • Performance Improvement Plan

  • Performance Improvement Plan  Review

  • Personal Development Plan

  • Spot Check Record Form

  • Staff Absence Record Form

  • Staff Exit Questionnaire

  • Suggestion Slips

  • Supervision Record Form

  • Supervision Record Spreadsheet Template

  • Training Evaluation Form (Annual)

  • Training Matrix

  • Training Needs Analysis Template

  • Use of Staff Photographs Consent Form


Staff Recruitment Documents


  • Application Form

  • Commencement of Employment  Form

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • DBS Risk Assessment

  • Driving Licence and Vehicle Check Form

  • Employee Emergency Contact      Details

  • Employment Gap Proforma

  • Health Declaration Form

  • Interview Invite Letter

  • Interview Record Form

  • Job Description - Registered Manager

  • Job Description – Home Carer

  • Job Offer Letter

  • Management Recruitment –        Reflective Activity 1

  • Management Recruitment –          Reflective Activity 2

  • Person Specification - Home Carer

  • Person Specification - Registered Manager

  • Probation – Extended Probation  Letter

  • Probation – Successful Probation Letter

  • Probation – Unsuccessful Probation Letter

  • Probationary Review Form

  • Reference Request Form

  • Unsuccessful Application Letter

  • Unsuccessful Interview Letter

  • Values Based Questions Examples

  • Working Time Directive Opt Out  form

ONLY £425 +VAT

Save over £450

Individual Document Packages

  • Can I edit the Policies and Procedures so they fit my service?
    Yes the Policies and Procedures are supplied to you in editable word format. You can edit the documents so they reflect what you do at your service.
  • How many pages are the Policies and Procedures?
    The number of pages varies depending on the subject of the Policy and Procedure. The number of pages can vary from 4 pages to 20 pages. Most of the Policies and Procedures are 9-10 pages long.
  • Is my Logo and Business Name included on the Policies and Procedures?
    Yes. Your logo and service name is included on all the Policies and Procedures. When you purchase Policies and Procedures from us we will ask you to email us your company logo as png or jpeg file.
  • How soon will I receive my Policies and Procedures?
    You will receive your Policies and Procedures with 7 days of making payment. We allow up to 7 days but we aim to get them to customers as quickly as possible.
  • What about updates to Policies and Procedures?
    If you purchase a full Policies and Procedures Package a free update service is included for one year. If legislation or regulations are updated we will send you an updated Policy and Procedure. Policies and Procedures will be updated within one month of the legislation or regulations being updated. After one year you will need to purchase an Update Service subscription or a Renewal Service subscription to continue receiving updated Policies and Procedures. The Update Service is not available with purchases of Individual Policies and Procedures.
  • What is the Renewal Service?
    For an annual payment we will send you a full set of reviewed Policies and Procedures on the anniversary of your Full Policies and Procedures Package purchase so you don’t have to worry about reviewing Policies and Procedures. If you would like the Renewal Service we will send you an invoice one month before your Policies and Procedures are due to be renewed. Once payment is received you will receive a full set of reviewed Policies and Procedures which will contain your logo, service name, updated issue and review dates and updated version numbers. The Renewal Service is not available with purchases of Individual Policies and Procedures.
  • Can I share or re-sell the Policies and Procedures?
    No, the Policies and Procedures supplied by Paisley Training and Consultancy are not for re-sale, distribution, commercial use or sharing; this includes sharing on social media. The Policies and Procedures remain the intellectual property and copyright of Paisley Training and Consultancy. We sell Policies and Procedures to customers for their own use only. If people share them we will have experienced a financial loss and we will invoice the person who has shared the Policies and Procedures.
  • I have more than one service. Can I use the Policies and Procedures at all the services?
    No, the Policies and Procedures that we sell to customers are for use at one service. If you want to use them at more than one service there is an additional charge for this. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • I own a Franchise; can I use the Policies and Procedures at the other Franchises?
    No, the Policies and Procedures that we sell to Franchise customers are for use at one Franchise. As Franchises are independent businesses they would need to purchase their own set of policies.
  • Do you provide Policies and Procedures to trainers and consultants?
    No, the Policies and Procedures for sale on our website are not for commercial use. We only provide Policies and Procedures directly to care providers as stated in our Terms and Conditions.
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